Fast Track Career Pilot Program

Fast Track Career Pilot Program (FTCPP)

Our Fast Track Career Pilot Program (FTCPP) is FAA 141 Approved which is the highest level of FAA school licensing utilized by all university and higher education flight programs throughout the country. Our 141 school utilizes Boeing-Jeppesen curriculum which is the highest of industry-standard curriculums utilized by major universities.

flyGATEWAY’s Fast Track Career Pilot Program (FTCPP) is a fixed-cost program developed for career focused students to maximize their time and provide them the necessary flight experience to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming a professional pilot. The program includes the fixed amount of flight experience that most students need to meet proficiency and certification objectives. flyGATEWAY offers a realistic alternative to programs that pro-mote unrealistic minimum flight times at unclear rates.

To be successful, on time, and on budget, students must dedicate themselves to the required guided independent study materials, consistently meet the objectives of the lesson plans in the program outline, along with meeting flight proficiency requirements. At the completion of this program, students will have all their necessary ratings, have qualification as a Certified Flight Instructor, and be ready to become a career pilot. The program is structured as a combination of ground training and flight training. For each rating a student goes through, students must pass the written and flight exam. To ensure readiness, students are enrolled in classes with instructors that prepare them for written exams and practice direct flight training. The FTCPP prepares students for careers flying commercial, charter, or cargo airplanes.

The FTCPP requires a full-time commitment. Students must be available for training seven days per week. flyGATEWAY aims to provide students with two days off each calendar week. The flight and ground schedule is built to maximize a student’s time, money, and efficiency of aircraft and instructor schedules.

To keep students on schedule with projected completion dates, evening flying will be required and weekend flying may be necessary. To be successful, the FTCPP requires students to be flexible and adaptable to delays due to maintenance, weather, and other factors outside of flyGATEWAY’s con trol. Students are expected to be present at the training center and amendable to schedule changes. Students are highly encouraged to not maintain employment or other extracurricular activities while enrolled in this program due to the type of training schedule required.

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