Cirrus Training

Avionics and airframe proficiency are two of the most critical factors to consistently safe outcomes in flight. Almost all fatal Cirrus accidents have involved a pilot that either never received official transition training or hadn't flown with a qualified instructor with any regularity.


For checkout privileges in our Cirrus aircraft, renters must complete Cirrus Transition Training as laid out by Cirrus Aircraft. Use the flow chart below to determine which transition training event is appropriate for you, then download the Cirrus Syllabus Suite to view the outline and requirements associated with your particular transition course.

If you're ready to get started, give us a call to schedule your first transition training lesson. We typically recommend scheduling lessons 2.5-3 hour blocks. Initial transition training events typically require 5-10 lessons. Schedule A/B checkouts are usually accomplished in 2-3 lessons. All transition training courses are proficiency-based, similar to a flight review or instrument proficiency check.


By taking advantage of the tools and resources that Cirrus has available, we hope to equip you with a more thorough understanding of your aircraft’s capabilities and limitations, a safer and more efficient operation of your aircraft’s systems, and, perhaps most importantly, the situational awareness and good judgment vital to the safe outcome of each and every flight.

We’re now tracking all recurrent training through the Cirrus Learning Portal.  If you haven’t done so already, please create a learning portal accountby following this link:


Once you’ve entered your personal information, the site will ask for your training affiliation.  Please select CTC (Cirrus Training Center) and then Advanced Wings LP.  This will allow our instructors to track your progress and, when the time comes, to mark your training as complete.

Now you will be able to enroll in the appropriate training course.

To do this, go to “Catalogue” --> ”Catalogue Browser” and choose the proper courseware.



Be sure to enroll in the course representative of the powerplant (SR20, SR22, SR22T) and avionics suite (Perspective or Avidyne) you intend to rent/fly. Your checkout is only valid for a single powerplant and a single avionics suite. So a completed checkout in an SR22 Avidyne does not automatically grant you rental permissions for the SR20 Avidyne or the SR22 Perspectives. In order to be granted additional permissions for different powerplants and avionics suite, an appropriate Cirrus Differences training course must be completed.

In addition to the standard transition course (e.g. "SR20 Perspective Transition" or "SR22 Avidyne Transition"), instrument rated pilots must enroll in the "Instrument Procedures Course".

Also, all renters getting checked out on a FIKI-equipped platform (SR22s or SR22Ts with Perspective avionics) MUST enroll in and complete the "Icing Awareness Course".

Note: Initial training courses will require you to pay a fee, but all recurrent events are free of charge.



To expedite the checkout process, please complete all self study modules before arriving at the airport to meet with your instructor.

In addition, please plan a flight to an airport of your choosing that is at least 50 nm from Wings Field, and be prepared to brief your instructor on airspace considerations, cruising altitude selection, aircraft weight and balance, TFRs, current and forecast weather, airplane performance, fuel required, airport information (including takeoff and landing distance available), and NOTAMS relevant to your route of flight.

Simulators and avionics ground lessons can be used for portions of these training events as a means of cutting back on time and expense while improving proficiency. We highly encourage utilizing these resources.