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As a Cirrus Platinum Training Partner, our Blue Bell location is a leading training provider for the Cirrus family of technologically advanced aircraft. We are also a Cirrus Authorized Service Center and function as part of Cirrus’ global network of Training and Maintenance Centers. 

Our team of expert instructors is led by three in-house Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) that have been personally trained and evaluated by the specialists at Cirrus Aircraft headquarters. They are supported by a talented group of Training Center Instructors (TCIs). 

Our Cirrus training fleet features the new and advanced glass cockpits, advanced safety and aerodynamic features, and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™). Safety, technology, and speed make the Cirrus aircraft the best-selling general aviation aircraft in the world.  

Avionics and airframe proficiency are two of the most critical factors to consistently safe outcomes in flight. We require formal transition training in all the Cirrus aircraft we operate and promote regular recurrent training to maintain the highest levels of safety.  

In addition to the advanced avionics technology, the Cirrus is so popular because of the airframe parachute system for safe aircraft recovery in emergency situations. You will find comfort not only in the generous legroom, but in knowing you have an amazing backup system should an emergency occur. Safety has never looked so good.  

By taking advantage of the tools and resources we have available in the Cirrus Approach Learning Management System, we hope to equip you with a thorough understanding of your aircraft’s capabilities and limitations and the confidence to safely accomplish all of your missions. 

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Cirrus Aircraft Private Pilot Program

The Cirrus Aircraft Private Pilot Program provides an immersive flight training solution that combines online learning with a dedicated Cirrus Flight Training partner for students to earn their Private Pilot License in a Cirrus aircraft.  

Private Pilot Program includes:  

  • 11 online modules containing 40 lessons  
  • Pre-study materials including the Interactive Flight Operations Manual (iFOM) and Cirrus Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (CHAK)  
  • Integrated knowledge assessments to prepare students for the FAA written exam  
  • Simulator Exercises and In-Flight Assessments  
  • Lifetime access to the on-demand videos 

Cirrus Transition Courses

Transition courses are designed for pilots who are new to the Cirrus family of aircraft or who have not completed a formal transition course with another CSIP or Cirrus Training Center (CTC).

Courses are purchased from the Cirrus Approach website  and completed online. Your flight and ground training is conducted here at Wings Field, Blue Bell, PA with one of our CSIPs or Training Center Instructors.

Training can be accomplished in a fast track format on consecutive days or at a pace to accommodate your schedule.

Completion of a transition course and regular recurrent training is required to rent any of our Cirrus aircraft.

To maintain rental privileges, all of our Cirrus renters are required to fly with a flyADVANCED instructor for a 90-day refresher, and every 6 months thereafter.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call to schedule your first transition training lesson. Cirrus Approach training events are scheduled in half and full day sessions, depending on the course. Hourly rates will still apply in some instances.

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This course is designed for non-instrument rated pilots who are new to Cirrus aircraft.

Training consists of approximately 9 hours of ground and 10 hours of flight instruction. This course can be accomplished in three consecutive days or six 1/2-day lessons.

Advanced Transition-VFR+IFR


Designed for instrument rated pilots, this course includes everything in the VFR Transition with the addition of 4 IFR modules.

There are approximately 14 hours of ground and 17 hours of flight instruction in the Advanced Transition. The Advanced Transition can be completed in five consecutive days or ten 1/2-day lessons.

Advanced Add-On


This course adds the instrument procedures qualification to a previous VFR transition certificate.

The Add-On course is approximately 5 hours or ground and 8 hours of flight time. Schedule two full days or four 1/2-days to complete this course.

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