Currently available at our KXLL and KLOM locations.

Rotor Transition Program (Back in the Saddle)

The Rotor Transition Program is a pipeline program for military and civilian pilots holding a helicopter commercial license with instrument privileges of either 750 hours for military or 1500 hours for civilian. You will transition from helicopter to fixed wing by acquiring the required 250 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) flight time and airplane commercial multi-engine and instrument ratings. You will reacquire rules and regulations, get comfortable with complex fixed-wing aircraft systems, and polish your skillset to become a world class airline captain. We know you have a lot of the knowledge already. Our instructors help you convert that knowledge and maximize your unique skills to become an airline pilot. Take advantage of your hard-earned benefits, as well as the incomparable aeronautical experience you have by elevating yourself to the big leagues.