flyGATEWAY has courses that veterans can use for flight training. Veterans could be eligible for a fully-funded program (after Private Pilot) directly through flyGATEWAY or through our Flight Affiliate program with Liberty University. flyGATEWAY and the VA recognize how hard you have worked and the sacrifices you have made, your service can be rewarded with a new career in Aviation.

There are many programs and options for veterans of all ages and any level of experience. We can take civilian, commercial-equivalent helicopter pilots through transition to fix wing or zero-hour pilot candidates to multi-engine commercial pilots with flight instructor ratings. The majority of the programs are designed to train the veteran to be eligible for reduced-time ATP programs. Some veterans will be R-ATP ready in as little as 750 to 1,000 total hours. A career in Aviation could be closer than you think!

Contact the school for specific details; every veteran’s case is evaluated, approved, and a program path designed to meet the needs of that individual.

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