Hybrid Career Program (HCP)

Hybrid Career Program (HCP)

The Hybrid Career Program is a comprehensive 18-month program designed to get you from Private Pilot License to Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). This option allows for more flexibility as far as how many times a week the student is scheduled.   

  • Students enrolled in the HCP Program must schedule 3 flight lessons and 1 ground lesson per week. 
  • Meritize Students must schedule 5 flight lessons and 1 ground lesson per week. 

Becoming a Commercial Pilot unlocks endless opportunities in the Aviation world. This program is for those that want to become an airline pilot for passenger or cargo, a charter pilot providing multifaceted transport services, or a corporate pilot flying for a large multinational corporation. With the current pilot shortage, a little hard work can get you wherever you please in the industry. Now is the time for you to become a pilot and seize your dream! flyGATEWAY provides a combination of the following certifications to give you everything you need for a career as a professional pilot – the Private, Instrument, and Commercial Single and Multiengine Land. Our curriculum contains everything essential to successfully obtain your Commercial Pilot Certificate with flight ratings for Instrument and Multiengine. Through a combination of simulator, flight, and ground lessons, your instructors will provide you with tools to pass exams and develop fundamental knowledge that you will utilize throughout your career.

Our Hybrid Career Pilot Program consists of the following licenses and ratings:
• Private Pilot License
• Instrument Flight Rating
• Commercial Pilot Single-Engine
• Certified Flight Instructor

• Optional: Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine
• Optional: Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
• Optional: Multi-Engine Instructor

Private Pilot License

Private pilot training with flyGATEWAY is carefully designed to be respective of both time and budget. Working together in a classroom environment for ground school, and then individually with instructors for both simulator and flight lessons helps you develop collective learning with your classmates and gives you the opportunity to ask the important questions in a deeper classroom setting. You also know what to expect each day of training and will be well equipped ahead of time.

Private Pilot Training Consists of the Following FAA Requirements

35 Hours Total Flying Time
1 Solo Cross Country Flight
5 Hours Solo/PIC Time
FAA Knowledge Exam
FAA Checkride

Instrument Rating (IFR Rating)

The instrument rating will enable you to fly the aircraft with little to no visibility, which is an airline industry standard. You will learn to correctly perform holding patterns and accurate instrument approaches using full and partial panel techniques. You will practice IFR cross-country procedures and master navigational systems. Our aircraft include more modern features such as; Multiple Moving Map Displays, Terrain and Traffic Warning Systems and XM weather which will put you ahead of the curve. After earning your IFR Certificate, you will have the skill to fly in clear or cloudy skies.

IFR Requirements

35 Hours Instrument Training Time
250 Nautical Miles
FAA Checkride
Instrument Written

Commercial Pilot Training

After you earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate, you can be hired to fly! Our locations on the East Coast give you the perfect opportunity to fly in multiple types of airspace and practice right alongside the jumbo airliners. This diversity, along with our intensive career-oriented program, will give you perspective from many different angles and teach you to maintain composure when emergencies arise. Give yourself the edge that airlines and corporate flight departments look for when hiring potential pilots.

Commercial Requirements

250 Nautical Miles
120 Hours in Syllabus
FAA Knowledge Exam
FAA Checkride

Instructor Ratings

Becoming a Flight Instructor, and practicing that skill in the workforce, demonstrates to future employers that you not only understand the inner workings of Aviation, but that you are constantly re-learning and teaching complex concepts on a regular basis. This also builds in a very affordable way to build time to get to your goal, without risking your ground knowledge getting rusty in the process. flyGATEWAY encourages graduates of our program to move into an instructor position in-house, making your transition and ability to build time as easy as possible.

CFI – Certified Flight Instructor

The CFI course at flyGATEWAY consists of 25 hours of flight training and 40 hours of ground school training. You will cover all the elements necessary to effectively develop training techniques to easily relate to your students and make them great pilots. Some of the material you will cover will include the learning process, student record keeping, limitations, lesson planning, and instructor techniques. We give you everything you need to transition into a CFI. Whether you want to teach as a career or use your CFI certificate to earn money while racking up hours for the airlines, we will make it effortless (and fun) for you and your future students.

CFI-I – Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

CMEL – Commercial Multi- Engine Land

MEI – Multi-Engine Instructor

These add-ons are in high demand! A lot of professional pilots choose to take on the CFI-I, CMEL, and MEI certifications to develop teachable skills that their students may be seeking and provide a cushier source of income. These ratings give you a distinct advantage on your resume and increase your level of expertise. If you’re already flying a multiengine, the transition into a jet will be that much easier and prove your know-how to future employers. This demonstrates that you already understand complex systems, performance and limitations, emergency procedures, and that you can successfully go through flow procedures.

Our Flight Academy

Our 3 Part 141 flight academy locations on the East Coast offer programs specifically tailored to your needs. We currently offer Part 141 flight training at our Allentown, PA, Blue Bell, PA, and New Castle, DE locations.

Graduates could build hours for a professional pilot career while being paid to be a flight instructor at flyGATEWAY! When you are finished with the flight hour requirements, we will provide you with airline connections, pair you with flyADVANCED’s private Part 135 charter flight department to fly to destinations all over the world (based on availability), or assist in getting you where you want to go.